Hello earthling!

How do you do today? Would you like some rice with that sambar? Aloo palak? Lassi? I think today’s blog will theme heavily on BhawarTalk, if you know what I mean. In hindsight, you actually won’t know what I mean unless you come from the same community I come from because we speak a dialect not spoken by many (though quite a few ppl can understand it by virtue of it being so similar to dialects of adjacent areas) and we’re very elitist about it too, so there. I won’t tell you what bhawar means. I’ll type it instead : stupid. That’s a lot of words to just say my blog is going to be stupid today. :l Also rather redundant since I have a vague memory of typing something very similar about our dialect in an early post on this blog.

My baby wants to sleep on my laptop and is trying to charm me with toothy grins. Hehe.

Well things are going on as usual. These past few days I have been cooking more though. My older sister tells me all these great recipes and whenever I get the opportunity I try some out. Other than that, inshaAllah we have a trip to India planned right after Ramadan and then again, later this year for my brother’s wedding, bi ithnillah. Also a trip to Dubai before Ramadan but that is still tentative and nothing definite has been decided yet. Then Ramadan is just a little more than 2 months away and I have some fasts pending. Hoping to make them up inshaAllah before Ramadan arrives. And summer has come to Muscat and by the looks of it, it seems it’s going to be a hot one. :l

There is a post on this blog I password-protected and now I have forgotten the password and can’t read it. :D

A large part of my days now goes in moving dustbins away from my daughter and cleaning up chaos and picking up toys. :D All praise is for my Rabb who granted me this little Asmu!

Okay bye!



4 More Days.


Let me see how much I can get typed when there is just a trickle of juice left in my laptop before it shuts down. Orange lights make any room seem nicer somehow but for general use, they’re really horrible. Especially when they are coming from chandeliers which throw nasty, eye-hurting, shadows everywhere and you’re having dry eyes and want to give them some ease. Also, there is a coupon for a free burger from Burger King lying here but it doesn’t excite me. :D Hehe, the one proper memory I have of Burger King is of a birthday party of a friend which was hosted in an outlet when we were kids. I remember there was a jumping castle outside. Also, we generally went to a Mcdonalds over a Burger King so really, I couldn’t have any other memory of Burger King anyway. Also without counting today and the fourth there are just 4 days for my husband to come back. And tomorrow there’s going to be a lecture somewhere and then there will be preparations for guests to be made and then woohoo! InshaAllah! :D

Husband is Away.


Did you read that title? Well, yeah, it’s going better than my apprehensions, what with the light drizzle and beautiful breeze. Also I’m taking one day at a time and soon a week will pass and soon again, 10 days will pass and he’ll be back! InshaAllah.

In the meanwhile though we’ll be having guests. Many guests and then some guests and I’m guessing I’ll be feeling very much awkward and in everyone’s space and everyone in my space and yeah. :l Well, alhumdulillahi ala kulli haal.

Alrighto, I’d better get back to studying.



Kopro Maleka


Today is a nice day, alhumdulillah! I’m finally getting the Oman feel, things to be done are coming into order, and if that wasn’t enough, my governess hair bun is sitting pretty on the back of my head today. Having a neat hair day is very satisfying, if you know what I mean. In other news, I’m on a hunt for bookstores here; I know of only one and that too has a very limited stock of books. Sometimes I miss my school library and that smell of a thousand books nestled on the shelves! It isn’t a very grand sort of a place, and if you’ve been to many libraries this one probably won’t even count but it’s the library I grew up in and I’ll always love it.

Okay,  moving on.

Why do people get so annoyed at what they perceive to be intolerable grammar (or pronunciations) coming from other people? Now, I’m not getting defensive here about the many mistakes I have undoubtedly made throughout this entire blog but I just find it so mind boggling that something so trivial makes one so angry or worse that it is made into a tool to feel so cut above ‘the general masses’. Now I don’t  mean the habit people have of deliberately misspelling words into ‘chat language’; that, I find irritating too. I just feel that it isn’t so inconceivable that a person may not have come across a certain word before, and they don’t pronounce it right. Well, so what?! Maybe you should make a youtube video of yourself reading out the English dictionary if it bothers you so much. I would have gone on but this paragraph looks big enough and you get my point anyway. :D



I am hungry. It’s 1.30 am. Had a couple of chocolates. Might eat a slice of bread. Alhumdulillahi ala kulli haal. I am sad. I miss Saudi and I don’t like staying alone especially when there’s nothing to do. I miss going for walks in the cold, with a crisp breeze blowing across your face; and pushing asma in the stroller over the uneven gravel. InshaAllah planning to drop by a friend\s place tom. The prospect is cheerful alhumdulillah. 


‘Tis the Season for Lists


‘Tis the season for lists, so without further ado.

Reasons why Saudi Holiday (which is nearing it’s end since I’ll be leaving to Oman soon inshaAllah) was good fun (read: faaaantasatic), alhumdulillah;

(1) Got to try my hand at different hairstyles for my sister’s farewell until we found THE one :D You looked like a preeensaays, mashaAllah!

(2) Realized it is fun listening to Z do the accent, notwithstanding my own pronounced lack of skill in that quarter.

(3) Got half a dozen babysitters to babysit Asma while I whiled the time away (or studied (I do not imply that is the same thing)).

(4) Influenced Z to buy Pride and Prejudice (I do not see what this one is doing on the list, but I have already typed it).

(5) Got appropriately over-excited at daughter’s first steps. :D Alhumdulillah!

(6) Got to eat Mummy’s Meals :), Herfy, and Noora shawarma.

(7) Fell in love with S’s bedroom view, which to be honest, is not overly grandiose what with all the stubby buildings as far as you can see; however, there is something so endearing about the vastness and the faint line of blue on the horizon that makes you want to fill your lungs with freedom and ocean air!

(8) Had fun eat-togethers at maushi’s place.

(9) Got my teeth cleaned at the dentists. This wasn’t especially fun but now my teeth feel great, alhumdulillah, so there!

And so on and so forth. There are about 2 weeks still left and inshaAllah they will contain therein an Umrah, so the next few days look promising too. :)





This post is about Asma. This post is about how Asma does things; her way. This post is about how Asma in her concern for the fitness of the family will insist on holding onto your hand, forcing you on walks along with her, as she awkwardly plods along; looking up and giving you encouraging grins, as if to say, “You’re doing very well!”. This post is about how Asma opens her mouth wide and licks you in a fit of ebullient love and about how she attempts to pull out your nose and ears just to make sure they’re not phonies. This post is about how Asma bullies her aunt; I don’t know why :P. This post is about how Asma skirts her way around the drain in the kitchen after being taught by her dear, dear grandmother that one doesn’t touch the drain and the drain is ‘chee baah’. This post is about how Asma and Daddy are the bestest-estest-est friends. This post is about how Asma should be kept away from folded clothes or watch her as she flings pile after pile into the air; flying free like a bird. This post is about how Asma loves open fridges and wardrobes and staring at herself in the mirror. This post is about good Asma and not naughty, bad Basma. This post is about Asma hating caps, bands, etc. on her head; how do we expect her hair to breathe under all that fuss?!? Silly us! This post is about how Asma is better than you in climbing down beds. This post is about my shaaani shaiiinai laadooo Asma, alhumdulillahi rabbil ‘aalameen.

Ya Allah grant my Asma goodness of character and make her heart rich in eman. Ya Allah grant her good health and a happy disposition. Ya Allah place love and understanding in our bond and protect it. Allahumma ameen.

X’s Problems


If you have noticed, the previous post and this one too, may sound a bit cold. That is because my blog wasn’t used to such cold in Oman and it’s shivering here in Saudi. :D As the title suggests this blog is dedicated to all of X’s problems. This grand list is prepared by me and X is actually my sister Z but shes doesn’t want anyone to know, so that’s the reason for the anonymity. I expect X to roll her eyes here. :D

1 – ‘Your’ earrings belong to me by virtue of me wearing them for so many years that I thought they were mine.

2 – That you don’t understand ‘private income’.

3 – That you do a bad imitation of M imitating S.

4 – That you deny my made up stories of your school life.

5 – Your phrase – “Radu ghallakha”. Whatever do you imply by that?!?!?!

6 – That you remove and scribble upon m&m wrappers.

I suppose this is enough for you to contemplate upon your behavior for some time. I demand an improvement.





I bet just after the very first sentence, it’ll come into notice that I’m not Hafsa. Her writing style and words can’t be that easy to duplicate.

This is a silly reminder for you (yes, you Hafsa) to not login into your account and leave the room.

On another note, thanks for the soup! I did like it, though you’re not very convinced by that. Annnd, that’s about it! :)


(shoot before I could update you entered the room!)

Post For Sh


Let it be known that there are 5 assignments to be researched on, written and submitted in another 10-ish days. :l I’m even having nightmares about it. I think. 

In less-stressful and more-joyous news, I’m going to Saudi soon inshaAllah! Which means I have to day-dream, pack annnnd write assignments at the same time. :l Allahul musta’aan. Moving on, I’m noticing Asma imitate this exaggerated, surprised face I make and it’s hilarious how S gets the heebie-jeebies every time she does it – “Aaaah! She’s doing it again! Why does she keep doing that!” :D On a serious note, it’s one thing hearing about how kids imitate their parents in whatever they do and nodding in agreement about how one should be a good example as a parent and another thing entirely to see it for yourself and thinking, “IT’S REAL!”. :D May Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala make us good parents and grant us righteous offspring.

These past few months, the people in my community have taken to mauj masti-ing a lot, or so it seems. There are get-togethers and parties every other weekend and though I’m not exactly complaining, it eats out of my blog material (This, here, is a prime example of how one can make ridiculous excuses for one’s laziness). The weather is pleasant alhumdulillah, and outings are relaxing. :) Which reminds me, one thing I’m not looking forward to in Saudi is the cold. My toes cower at the thought of walking on those ice-tiles. *Brrr*

I better get going now.