In a few months from now, inshaAllah, I will have been married for four years and it is startling to realize that. Though the schoolgirl part of my life doesn’t seem so long ago in my head I discern a feeling of finality in that, that particular period has been done with and put away, and also a realization of being properly present already in this next part. May Allah place barakah in our time and make our lives rich in goodness in every part and forgive us our shortcomings. This blog began at the transition stage and it is evident from the evolution in the writing that I am slowly turning into an aunty. *horror of horrors!* Some little time ago I would have described myself as a beginner in the field of aunty-ing but now it has only become too clear from the apparent ease with which tweens and teens call me Hafsa aunty that they feel no pricks of conscience when they address me with such imposing titles. It is true that some of them have often been made aware of the not so great disparity in our ages by their mothers but the damage is done. And, what with my fourth wedding anniversary coming up and girls still studying in seventh grade, the gulf between our ages grows wider, pushing me most uncouthly into the Bay of Aunty. :D In times such as these, I comfort myself with the thought that S ji will always be more of an uncle than me and then things start looking young and rosy again. The end.

If you thought this post was about to be a serious bit of thinking, then trust me, I was fooled too. SubhanAllah, the turns that life takes! :D

Assalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear people!

How do you do? I do moderately well, alhumdulillah. I’ve been avoiding the blog lately because I’ve been feeling a little sick at times and at others, uninspired. So, S has a China trip coming up soon and as soon as he got his tickets booked, I brilliantly worked myself into a pretty pre-S-withdrawal dread and am now counting the days till he’s gone, so I can savour the over-exaggerated anxiety I feel when he’s gone as I count the days till he’ll be back inshaAllah. This really is one of my most frustrating habits and every time he has to go away for a short spell, I convince myself into a state where I imagine myself constantly battling worry,  or loneliness, or consuming boredom. It’s ridiculous and owes a lot to a wild imagination because I am not alone and  have a bajillion things to do to keep me busy! So this time around, inshaAllah I’m going to bring a change in attitude. Since the new semester of IOU has just begun, I will have coursework to complete and since its just the beginning I have fresh enthusiasm to keep me going. Then there are the morning and evening adhkar and the du’aa for anxiety that I’m coaxing into my routine and the feeling of serenity you get is really amazing. Honestly, the morning and evening adhkar are such a blessing and I pray that Allah makes it easy for me to always have it in my daily routine and that He blesses my day through it.

Here’s a link if you’re looking to find these adhkar on the inter-webs.

That is all! I will, inshaAllah, post about how my week goes when it comes :D



Wish List


The past few days have witnessed me slowly turning into a grumpy old pendulum, swinging from mood to mood; being ungrateful and miserable on the whole. The S Sisters came to the rescue when my older sister reminded me of this thing we had done some years ago where we’d write all the things we wished to do and then after a time, look up how many Allah has blessed us with; that way, we have tangible evidence to show the grouch within that it’s just being a drama queen. I don’t have my original list but I remember now, writing it at 17, how fantastic and improbable it was :D My sister’s was saner and sure enough, hers was ticked off (as in completed and not annoyed) within a year, mashaAllah :)

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Assalamalaikum wrwb

It’s Friday today. Friday mornings in Saudi were among the things I missed sorely when I first moved to Oman. We lived on a higher floor in Saudi and looking down the balcony, before the Friday prayers started, you’d see pairs upon pairs of mostly white-clad fathers and sons walking with prayer rugs towards the mosque. And presently you’d hear the muadhin give the call to prayer and the khateeb beginning the Friday sermon. We lived close enough to the mosque to vaguely hear what he said and though we did not understand Arabic , it was so comforting to hear. And Fridays itself seemed so sunny and simple and clean, like it was abounding with goodness and you couldn’t but help feel it in the calm of the breeze or the blueness of the skies. Though I miss watching the people make their way to prayer, Fridays are still Fridays anywhere in the world and it feels good to know when a Friday comes along. :)

Narrated from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “This is a day of ‘Eid that Allah has ordained for the Muslims, so whoever comes to Jumu‘ah, let him do ghusl, and if he has any perfume let him put some on, and you should use the miswaak.” Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 1098; classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Ibn Maajah.

Dappled Light


My daughter and I love dappled light, much like a very large proportion of the human species (I assume). Have you heard of the hadith,”Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty”*? Well, sometimes during the day we happen to drive by the Corniche and the brilliance of the blue waters against the blue of the sky always makes me think about how beautifully Allah has created. And how in early sunshine and in feeling it against our faces, there is warmth and contentment and beauty. So even when we are at home and resting in the afternoons, we watch the dappled light from the curtained windows and it makes for such a pretty picture that you can’t help but feel content and thankful for such a thing as sunshine :)

*Muslim, Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Hadith No. 164.

Going Out Day

AssalamAlaikum wrwb

Well, my exams are done and winter has set in. Depending on which part of the world you belong to, you might find the cold trifling or too much to bear. One might have thought that all those years in Saudi would have toughened me up for the winters here but they evidently haven’t. In spite of freezing fingers and toes though, I have come up with the brilliant idea of having a beach-side picnic after prayers tomorrow inshaAllah.

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It would be so wonderful to be on the Corniche today. I’m feeling pensive today and it seems like a good day to do some thinking. Some days I miss being home. I miss being 14 and reading novels in corners and skipping down the school stairs and yelling “Expecto Patronum!” with Potterhead friends. Or when life had a comfortable routine of Qur’an everyday and salah was read with more concentration than today. Being adults can be dull at times. And stressful and frustrating when you catch in yourself habits and traits that you most definitely did not want to find in you. That means you need working on yourself and working on yourself can be so constant and consuming. But I suppose that is how life is meant to be. May Allah make it easy for us to correct ourselves for His sake and may He make us steadfast upon the path of truth.


*sheepish chuckling at last post*

Well, I have officially become an indignant, finger-wagging mother; the finger-wagging being directed at the general population at times and at others, a tantrum-y spoon-demanding Asma.

Alhumdulillah for black tea. Alhumdulillah for the times I remember to drink it before it runs cold. Alhumdulillah for everything that Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has blessed me with. :)

I’m studying Islamic Counselling this semester with IOU and boy, is it exciting! It is an area of study that combines Islamic knowledge with modern counselling methods that are compliant with the Islamic belief system. That in itself shows how relevant of a subject it is in our communities. So, this is one subject I am enjoying thoroughly this semester. That is, when I actually muster myself to sit and study. So this is one subject I thoroughly enjoying starting to study this semester. :E

Okay I have things to do.




I am  angry today. I am angry because someone who is close to me and my daughter called her ‘cunning’. And then laughed about it. I am angry because the reason they called my one and half year old cunning was…I don’t really know the reason behind this. I’m angry because every time a toddler tiff take place, instead of correcting behavior there seems to be a lot of unnecessary (and oftentimes imaginary) ‘reading into’ the looks these children give each other. Not to mention the copious amounts of complaining about noises children are known to make since the time children were first discovered. I am angry because so many times unreasonable demands of children are unfairly met when they could easily have been taught better and so many other times when children are acting up and are cranky or stubborn or just being childlike because it hasn’t been much time since they came into the world and acting like children comes naturally to them, instead of teaching gently, there’s a whole lot of audible observations on how ‘bad’ a child has become. Or how cunning.

Haha, ok that was a bit of an overkill. Alhumdulillah I’m not angry anymore but all the same, I do not like children being called cunning. Also that children are being spoilt or expected to behave like adults as and when it suits us best.