Assalam Alaykum!

You know how sometimes, you get this quiet rush of confidence and contentment at having started on something worthwhile you’ve been looking forward to do, making you feel so comfortable with yourself? Well, Alhumdulillah, I’m feeling that now! =) 2010, Alhumdulillah has been a terrific year for me! Within these past few months, I’ve come by so many ‘bends in the road’, been introduced to a couple of ‘new’ me’s, who grew up so inconspicuously shy with me that they surprised me with the need for introductions  and by Allah’s infinite Grace  learnt something of courage; courage to look at those gigantinormous ‘changes’ and acknowledge that they aren’t half as school-bully-ish as they seemed to be and that they may just be the harbingers of a beautiful spring.

Writing has been a process of self-analysis for me for quite some time now; it slows me down and makes me think and occasionally ends up with me typing out the obvious. Now that I think of it, maybe everything we come to realize and be so vocal about, as being our ‘individual intellectual opinions’ are point blank obvious truths to a lot of ‘someones’ out there. Well, flying back, I love writing and that’s why I started on a blog after a semi-deliberate discussion with my elder sis and best friend (one of them, anyway =)). It was the aforementioned sis who came up with the brilliant name (thanks there, behna) and here I am, typing away! =)

Moving on, I’ve come to accept that the term ‘awesome’ doesn’t really sound me…as in, when I say it, it sounds alien..So, people of the world, ‘terrific’ is the new ‘awesome’…for me at least. =)

InshaAllah have a terrific whatever’s left of the evening!