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“It is unfulfilled dreams that keep you alive”  Robert Schuller

That sounded so forlorn on first reading: before it’s wisdom peeked out from behind those dull letters and brought out that wise smile on my face. You see, I have a ‘huge’ bucket filled with dreams and sometimes the plans I plan on don’t come to pass and though it makes me feel deflated and stupid initially, somewhere deep down, I do realize that it’s all for the best. That dream was not me, maybe not even something I’d wish to be. So I remind myself with a beautiful reminder:

“And it may be that you dislike something while it is good for you; and it may be that you love something while it is bad for you. And Allah knows while you do not know.” Qur’an 2:216

So zapping out of ‘crestfallen mode’, I’ll blog happy. =) Today is beautiful, SubhanAllah. Also, Jergens musk moisturizer makes me feel nice and you should try it too…do do, if you’re not using a better one, that is. I’m as far removed from knowledge of beauty products as Adrian Monk from dirt (that’s very far removed, you know). Nevertheless, I love moisturizers! I’m no connoisseur though, I’ve only tried Dove, Jergens and Enchanteur and Jergens works best with me! =) It’s smells subtle enough not to make you too self conscious and sometime in the middle of the day when you’re ensconced cozily on your sofa corner with a cup of black tea and a terrific book and you unconsciously cup your chin with those moisturized hands, that mild scent makes you feel so picturesque. It’s either that or my cup of tea was just point blank amazing.

Skipping on to another random thought, the day before yesterday, my sister left with her aye-dorable twins (MashaAllah!). It was a terrific visit and I’m so glad I got to spend time with the babies and catch up with the babies’ mum, Alhumdulillah! Oh and I saw camels and colossal monster machines on the way to the airport that day. =)

Well, being characteristically abrupt, so long, people of the world! Maybe we’ll run across each other sometime, it’s a small world, after all. =)

P.S. The title is because it sounds so scrumptiously random. Well, sort of, anyway!