Salaam Alaykum people of the world!

Tomorrow, bi ithnillah I’m off to India for a 40 day long tropical, green, ultra-familial vacation, Alhumdulillah! So today, I sit here and anticipate the airplane rides (!), the frantic-time-pressed-Mumbai-shopping-spree, the sleepy taxi rides back to the hotel, the 17 hour long (or so my sister claims) bus ride to our native town and finally all the shy awkward Salaams to cousin sisters and aunts, you last saw two years ago, before you unleash all your pranks on them and vice versa. Alright, I admit we’re not much of a prankster sort of people, so strike that off. Then you have comments on how different you look, how brown or otherwise you’ve become, how tall you’ve grown. On second thoughts, I mustn’t depend on that last one. And there are all the little ones you need to be introduced to. Such adventures =) Alhumdulillah!

So there you go, I’m having a holiday within a holiday before term starts in September, InshaAllah! And by the time I’ve taken that 17 hour long (or so my sister…okay fine, you get it) ride back to Mumbai, another sleepy ride to the airport and an airplane back here, InshaAllah, Ramadan will have begun. So here’s a gigantinormous ‘Ramadan Kareem’ to everyone in advance. May all of us be prepared for it and welcome it with all our hearts and may Allah bless us in it and make us better slaves to Him and increase our eeman and taqwa by it, to carry within us forever.

But before I run to finish off packing, let me introduce you to ‘really old date palm’, right here.

Alright, now I need to run. InshaAllah have great 40 days and more ahead of you! 🙂