Salaam Alaikum!

Well, now that more than half of Ramadan has literally flown past, and the last ten days peek around the corner, here are a few photons (i.e. packets of light; because they are so inherently enlightening in every sense of the word) that have been eeman boosters to me Alhumdulillah and InshaAllah will be the same and more to to you too. 🙂

This first one, I’ve already linked to buckets before. It’s absolutely beautiful and makes you wonder how much you’ve been missing out on all this time. It gives us non-Arabic-speakers a little glimpse of the pristine wonder of the Qur’an and makes us want to learn that utter genius of a language, Arabic, InshaAllah. Also since it’s a comprehensive study of each surah, even a single hearing works to enhance your understanding. So go on, click away…

Okay, up next is a story I came across last Ramadan.  It is so quintessentially Ramadan and so wonderfully inspiring that it makes  an absolute must read . Read Away!

Then there are Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef’s amazing little videos called Taraweeh Truffles for every day of the Ramadan. They’re short and full of wisdom and have fun titles and are collectively called Taraweeh Truffles, for crying out loud! Here’s one.!/video/video.php?v=149472198415246

There are a few more links but I often fall into the exasperating habit of listening to or reading a whole array of videos and articles and not meeting it all up with the corresponding action. And that makes the entire process pointless so it’s better to steer clear. 🙂 InshaAllah may these last 10 days  find us increase in sincere worship and may Allah bless us and guide us and forgive us of our sins and grant us the sweetness of eeman as we move towards the end of this beautiful month. Aameen!