Salaam Alaikum!

Must-do’s this Eid, InshaAllah.

1. Feel weird having lunch.

2. Prance about the house in *brand new* heels! Since they are so very *brand new*, they’re permitted around the house…

3. Consume lotsa chocolate! ^.^

4. Gimme them eidis!!!

That makes a rather tiny to-do list, but will do. May Allah accept our fasting and make us among His righteous slaves. Aameen

P.S. Since it’s Eid, I’ll give you this, younger sibling; you maam, are an expert on knotting exasperating blown up balloons and your exemplary skill leaves me spellbound…okay, no it doesn’t but you’ve made a little girl very happy today! 😀 *nod nod* Eid Mubarak, bachu!