Salaam Alaikum!

As you may well be unaware of, I had been on a chunk sized holiday to my hometown in India recently. Getting there required travel by road and traveling never starts without a handbag and handbag, in cases such as these, always ensconces my little, slightly discoloured copy of the “Fortress of the Muslim”(it’s awesome, MashaAllah).

So finally getting to the point, here’s the interpretation of the wonderful du’aa I came across:

Invocation for entering a town or city:

O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens and all they overshadow, Lord of the seven worlds and all they uphold, Lord of the devils and all they lead astray, Lord of the winds and all they scatter. I ask You for the goodness of this town and for the goodness of its people, and for the goodness it contains, I seek refuge in you from its evil, from the evil of its people and from the evil it contains.

SubhanAllah! Pretty, na?

Moving on….

Have any of you ever looked at the moon and realized how many people  before us have looked up to that same moon and felt the same peace and were awed  into tranquility by that same quiet. And how many people we’re yet to meet, look away from the ugliness of repeated routines and look up to find beauty in that creation of the Creator. SubhanAllah! Must look at the moon more often. Reminds me to think.