Sometimes you have to remind yourself that the universe doesn’t revolve around you and that your problems’ predilection to don that deceptive ‘absolute misery’ garb doesn’t change the fact that there are so many braver, stronger people out there soldiering against something bigger and more frightening. That whatever you have been given to face; with it you are given enough strength.

Other times, you have to tell yourself that in spite of your littleness vis -a-vis the world and all of it’s people, you are, indeed, a someone. You are loved and provided for and blessed a gaza-ma-billion times a day. That it’s okay to feel blue or clumsy or frumpy sometimes. ‘Coz, hey! That’s how things gel about around here on earthy Earth. 🙂

So say Bismillah, think the smartest, feel the rightest, do the best you can; place your trust in Allah and InshaAllah things will fall in place!