Following is my ‘Things to Avoid’ list. It’s just a snippet, actually. Well, it’s just a pretend snippet, actually actually, because seriously, who sits and thinks up a complete ‘Things to Avoid’ list. That’s even theoretically impossible. Well, not theoretically. NO wait, yes theoretically, because one can’t know what one will come across and what one will have to avoid and all that. So…..a things to avoid list is pretty lame. However, it will work charmingly, for a blog post today.

The Pretend Snippet of My ‘Things to Avoid’ List

*Procrastination; Because too many of my drafts and gtalk statuses say that and sure, it has five syllables and sounds like potato chips in the middle but it really is annoying. So avoid procrastination.

*Hopelessness; Because  there’s plenty, you know. Hope, I mean.

*Self-pity; Because it’s such a road block.

*Book mark stands; Because I can’t resist them and I already have more than enough. (Alhumdulillah, at that)

*Inordinate amounts of listlessness; Self-explanatory.

Ok, now I’m off!