1. I just wanted to say ‘thingamabob’.

2. I’m more of a ‘whatchamacallit’ person.

3. I write a blog.

4. Sometimes I write blog posts while I sip tea.

5. Mostly, I don’t.

6. Today I am.

7. I’m thinking this will be more annoying than funny for readers.

8. However, it is more funny than annoying for me.

9. When I said tea earlier, I meant black tea and not milk tea.

10. Now I shall proceed to badger my sisters for ย ‘Eleven, yes 11, Things About Me Thingamabob’s’ ย of their own.

11. For a ‘whatchamacallit’ person, I seem to be saying ‘thingamabob’ a lot today!

Freebie: I like walking.

Ok, I’m done! InshaAllah have a great productive day ahead.


Update: One Half of Mission Accomplished (refer to point 10.) Here’s what one of the she’s came up with.

Update 2: Point number 10 is so totally done. If I had you on a check list, number10, I’d put one giant smug tick mark in your check box. Here’s my other sister’s list. Thank you, both of you. You guys made me giggle and smile at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜€