Assalam Alaikum

Recently, I listened to this.

May Allah grant all of us the tawfeeq and the patience to love and respect our parents as He has commanded us to love and respect them and may Allah bestow upon them from His infinite, infinite Mercy and grant them and grant us Jannat ul Firdous. Aameen.


Something I find particularly annoying (and sadly, catch myself being guilty of being a part of too, sometimes) is the clan of the zombie people. You know, the kind who go about neglecting their real lives and make it a point to have hyperactive virtual ones (over the internet, I mean). It creates this delusional image in one’s head, where’s one’s faults are all blurred into oblivion under overly assuring “You’re amazing (ok, so this one’s cheesy) and the like” comments. That’s one mighty real road block to self-improvement for something as virtual as virtual profiles. So let’s all snap out of zombie mode and live our lives meaningfully, doing what we’re supposed to do with ihsaan and cheer and chuck out all the nonsense, inshaAllah.


Is writing this blog, zombie like behavior?


Today, a little girl refused to give me peppermint because she insisted I’m old. I ended up having peppermint anyway, so too bad, little girl.


That’s all. Wassalam to you and you. =)