AssalamAlaikum people!

Now, have you ever read conversation posts on people’s blogs? The ones that made them laugh/giggle/smirk and more often than not make you laugh/giggle/smirk once you read them on said person’s blog. Well, yeah, I have decided that I am going to have a conversation post too. Ha, world! Read on.

Me: Zainab (my younger sister (that lucky, lucky girl)), I’m going to have a conversation with you.

Zainab: (In vernacular) What?

Me: Say something funny.

Zainab: What?

Me: Say something witty.

Zainab: Namooni.(That’s vernacular for…I don’t exactly know how to….like “you’re one of a kind” in a non-compliment sorta way)

Me: I’m blogging this conversation.