Assalam Alaikum

I dream of swings and quiet sunshine and grass in vast fields and springs of clear pure water.

I dream of infinite skies with a billion star lamps flickering around a shy luminous moon.

I dream of my little niche within the branches of a giant oak and lots of black tea and lemonade at hand.

I dream of mysterious, dark caves and their solitude.

I dream of cottony clouds as they race each other making me dizzy as I watch.

I dream of beauty and every time I’m reminded of its presence, I’m washed over with such awe. SubhanAllah!

I dream of gigantinormous paper scented libraries and freshly baked bread in brown bakeries and of wisdom filled words which are lived by lives which inspire and bravery and sincerity and love and ihsaan.

Also, I dream of climbing a jungle gym but we can do without this one.