Assalam Alaikum

Has it ever happened to you  that in a little (extended) family get-together, just out of the blue, you got hit with the Satterthwaite*? You suddenly felt alienated, cold, and impossibly apart from the ongoing conversation. And then you were caught with a strong desire to walk out into the vastness and breathe some. Well, being an introvert I get that often and I’ve discovered that sometimes you just have to remember that people don’t come custom made to your liking. Sometimes you have to make an effort and have sabr and more than some times, hold your tongue.

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain the bonds of kinship” [Bukhari]

Then, you’ll already feel light as you walk out into the vastness and breathe some.


*of sorts, at least. And that’s an Agatha Christie reference 🙂 Well, he turns up somewhere in that big jungle of paragraphs.