Well peoples, the trouble is that it has been some time since I have read a good book or baked a cake (in spite of all you say, Betty Crocker does count). It has also been some time since academics has quickened its pace and left me overwhelmed behind. One second we were calmly rambling along, side by side, on the well-trodden paths and the next thing I know, it has stridden forward as I turned aside for a moment admiring the picturesque scenery (just lazed around done a dozen other slightly less picturesque things). The bottom line being that it has been some time since I have been up to date with them studies.

*Serious-sounding ‘Hum’*

Seems like the cake’ll have to wait.

*Resolute-sounding ‘Hum’*

Have a good day, inshaAllah, folks-es!