I’ve almost always found the after-the-pause sincere “What are you thinking?” overwhelming. It seems that I can never immediately pin it down to a particular train. Thoughts can feel so wispy at times. The moment you reach out and think you’ve closed some in your fist, they swim out so blithely from between your fingers, unfettered. One following another, and then an incident, and another thought, or a realization, and on and on. SubhanAllah, how the mind works.


I wish I could run now. Run and run, with the wind in my eyes, dew forming in them, as I run with a laugh. Or cycle, manifesting my clumsy, newly learnt balancing. Cycle out big looping loops on the tiled ground with a racing heart, savouring every odd second of exhilarating happiness that I manage to stay above ground and on wheels.

Yes, it’s been some time since I’ve sat down and thought. Really thought, you know. And thoughts can flood you so, when you don’t think them slow. Hence, the vent here for wanting to run/cycle/de-clutter the mind.


What do you call the weird mix of nervousness, anticipation, excitement, trepidation, happiness and a dozen other big words (but not big enough) that your tummy hosts at times? I think you call it butterflies.


That is all for this here post.

Wassalam and lots o’loe (<3)