Today is blue (as in grey). It’ been cloudy and dark since morning and I’m feeling like a sad, dripping bucket of cold water standing on damp sand (insert distant rumbling thunder) as fierce cold waves come crashing against the shore (insert wave crashing), under the briskly sailing dark skies. And I grossly exaggerate.


Procrastination is sad. Especially when it is with things one cannot afford to ignore and push aside for later.

Being characteristically abrupt, there was a burst of orange sunshine through the windows right now and subanAllah, it lifted my spirits. This post gets weirder by the word, so I’ll blame it on the scapegoat. It’s all the scapegoat’s fault. =)

Have you read “Gems and Jewels”, a compilation of stories from the Islamic history?. It’s distributed by Darussalam and what reminded me of it, was a story related to istighfar I came across today which reminded me of another story in that book reminding me to remind you to get that book. And I can’t seem to find the bit I read today, so it can’t be posted, sad.

While I wait for the audio (for my online class) to begin, I might as well type some more nonsense. There has been shamefully little reading going on nowadays.  In my defense, I’ve moved countries and had new schedules to fit into and schoolwork to complete. And the keyboard has entered the semi-hibernative state (took 5 tries to get that right) previously mentioned and is giving me trouble with typing and the audio has begun. So this is where I bring the end and cease to type, this is where we’ll have to part. Bas.