And cloudy days have a propensity of leaving behind their clouds in places, like my mood, which could do very well without learning something of their sun-blocking tendencies especially when there’s little sunshine to begin with. Since it’s cloudy, y’know.


Since there is only so much a bratty person can grumble about, I think it is about time to tell you about the ring; the ring of constant return (alhumdulillah). It has been around 4 years now since my father got me the ring of frequent usage. You are wont to see the delicate little ring sitting snugly on my left hand unless it is on one of its little excursions. The ring of adventurous spirit has always had this peculiar habit of going out on expeditions every once in a while (sure I’m careful with it, what do you mean I’m just covering up for my carelessness. Pssshhh!). So people who live with me have come to learn and accept the pretty little hullabulloo I direct in the search and re-procurement of the ring of inherent truancy. However, alhumdulillah we always do end up finding the ring of beloved-ness where I had left it while making wudhu or where I was fidgeting with it to accompany deep long thoughts (heh!) or boredom. Then with a prance of joy and a squeal of relief, I slip it back on and all is well. =) And that is how you came to know about the ring.

Until next time,