I mean encounters in the Masjid-ul-Haram and not haraam encounters. I have not performed Hajj yet but, Alhumdulillah, we have been to Makkah quite a few times to perform Umrah. And though it’s highly unlikely you’ll pray next to the same people in every prayer, it’s beautiful how sometimes you connect with a sister in a brief time over a small inquiry like the lady from South Africa who mistook my mother to be my sister, naturally leading to me teasing my mom about it for weeks later.

Well, my brother connects with animals too. 😀 Here’s what happened. After Fajr, one fine day, this brother of mine was sitting in the courtyard of the Haram, absorbing the tranquility when out of nowhere (and by nowhere, I mean somewhere) comes a cat; a magnificent feline with long silky hair. He/she then proceeded to squat on the brother’s lap and sleep. When picked up/shooed/pushed away, it refused to acknowledge that it was better admired when sleeping near and not on him, and climbed back onto his lap again. He’d taken pictures but I don’t have them with me to post it here, so you’re left to imagine.

Well, the next time we went to Umrah, both of us had cradled a silent determination to charm the Cat before the other, however, sadly, the Cat must have found better laps because we did not meet again.

The End.