These past few days, I’ve been thinking that Ramadan will be starting a day later than it is actually expected to and I had a bit of a blinking moment today when my brother mentioned that the first night of Ramadan might be tonight. Talk about being out. Well, my knowledge of when Ramadan begins has always been, after all, acquired after obnoxious inquiries to my ammi on whether by ‘we’ll be fasting tomorrow’, she means tonight, before Fajr or tomorrow before Fajr. Which reminds me that this will, inshaa Allah, be my first Ramadan away from the familia in Saudi.

I smell adventure! (And lots of nostalgia but I insist to my nose that adventure smells stronger.) And I tell myself it’s Ramadan! And no matter where you are, and how far or different it is here from what you knew as home for so long, you’ll always be in Allah’s dominion. He was the one for whom you fasted there and He is the one for whom you’ll be fasting here. He is the one to whom you make sujood and du’aa and He will take care of you.

And so, Ramadan Kareem! To those who’ve already begun fasting in Saudi and elsewhere and to those who’ll start tonight inshaaAllah like here in Oman. =)

I ask Allah that He makes this Ramadan full with barakah and to forgive us and grant us the tawfeeq to make use of every moment of it.