Today seems a lot of one of those days when people seem too human for your unsettling mood to bear and you just want to drive off (into the sunrise) and  sit on the swing on Khobar Corniche with a Baskin Robbins’ World Class Chocolate milkshake (heh!), a breeze and some quiet. I’m being a brat today so I’ll just sit quiet and tell myself to suck it up because if I really think about it, people are being just fine and I’m just missing the corniche atmosphere and some quiet. Alhumdulillahi ala kulli haal. In happier news, I am an aunt again and I’m in love already with Z even though I haven’t seen her yet and I keep annoying the mister with random (and incessant) announcements on how much I want to see her or how we should go visit. 😀 So many babies! How will I ever get enough skittles!

Anyway, this morning saw me narrowly missing brushing my teeth with shaving foam. Why do they package it into toothpaste tubes anyway? Also, S ji is coming back today from Dubai which is good considering how many places he has to drive me to (heh!). We must get to work at once! Also it’s rather (really) boring with no one to listen to my List ten!’s.

Now I’d better trudge along through some lectureland before things start getting out of hand.