Sometimes, it feels like it would do really well for you to dream up a brown seater train carriage back into your schooldays so you can hop onto it when needed to feel that cocooned life again where you could lose yourself so easily in a book as you sat on a library bench. Or, alternatively, in the inordinate amounts of homework we were assigned, the back to back tuition and tests and exams and more exams or in the frustrated, intense longing for the hazy future that was beyond school. 😀

And though it’s such a delicious thought, it is rather cowardly to run away from having to deal with people’s issues and having people have to deal with yours. Also, I don’t really think there are any brown seater train carriages going to the glorious past. And what if you get stuck there like some distasteful 90’s thriller novel theme: 20 year old girl stuck in 15 year old self. Sure that isn’t much of a difference in numbers but a 15 year old body can’t handle all this recently acquired wisdom and whatnots! 😀 I’d better stop this now before this post treads into the dangerous waters of UtterNonsense.

Anyway, alhumdulillah it’s a new today and it’s beawuetiful and there are things to be done and then some more. =)

Until next time,

fare thee well!