In recent news, we hear talks of me flying back to my parents home for a couple of months with my Asma pie. The entire visa application process is still pending so to say the whole thing is on tenterhooks would be an understatement. Doesn’t stop me from dreaming though. 😀 InshaaAllah if things work out, I’ll be spending Ramadan in Saudi again, which is a comforting thought in spite of the fact that Ramadan here in Oman is as good as any. Naturally S has been trying to get Asma to shake her head in a ‘no’, in response to him asking if she wants to go to Saudi. Well that isn’t working because she mostly ends up grinning up at him with her toothless gums.

Also, I’ve read 5 fiction books this month with an intensity that makes me hate reading. I generally read with an energy that pulls out of anything and everything I should rather be doing, so that at the end of the day I am dazed, head ache prone, with a pile of pending chores and a sinking feeling of having utterly wasted my day.  Ya Rabb, grant me a moderation that pleases You in everything I do.

Another thought I’ve been thinking about is how in counting down the days to when my visa will be issued, I’ve been forgetting that the days I’ve been counting down held so much potential for good things. It’s nice having to look forward to something but that doesn’t mean I make myself miserably unproductive till that something comes. It’s a bad habit and I’d better hurl it out of the window, especially with Ramadan coming.

Well, that’s that.

It felt good writing a little something again and I hope I’ll be able to keep it up.