It’s a comforting thought to realize that all the times I catch myself yearning for a relaxing, stress-free break by the ocean or under the shade of a tree, it’s actually the yearning for Jannah that Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has placed in all of us. Allahumma innee as’alaukal Jannah, Allahumma innee as’alukal Jannah, Allahumma inee as’alaukal Jannah. Ameen.

These past few months have contained such tremendous life changing changes; and now that I look back it seems so long ago since I went to the hospital, shivering all over as I was taken to the OT and coming back home with my little shaani-shayni A. Alhumdulillah =) And it seems longer ago still, since I first met S, giggling nervously in my ridiculous bridal headgear trying to overcome my shyness. And the bus rides from school and browsing through our library, smelling all those books seems like a whole different lifetime itself; one long hazy summer afternoon, long long ago. =) It’s scary sometimes, how fast time flies and how years and years of our life can seem so distant and unreachable once they’re past.

In abrupt fashion, if anyone of you is wondering whatever happened to me going to Saudi, I don’t know yet since visas are difficult to come by in the Hajj season, so there. Also, why do most people view marriage to mean the end of everything fun/independent/happy? And I’m not saying all of us should sugar coat all the hiccups and whatnots in marriage and go about singing love songs in public, forever euphoric, siiigggghhh – no. I’m just saying, that though it’ll probably end up being very different from your single life, there are sooooo many good things that can come out of marriage. I suppose it’s the mostly unpleasant life-partner-search-culture that brings on such a cringe in most women (and men? Hmm, I should look into this). Well, it’ll get much better soon enough, inshaAllah, so relax. 😀 Also, at the end of the day, there are so many rewards in marriage, so let’s do our part and expect the best from Allah. This doesn’t  include marriages which obviously cannot continue, of course.

So, in the fashion of continuity,  I’d better get along and make tea for the husband and meself. 😀

So long!