If you have noticed, the previous post and this one too, may sound a bit cold. That is because my blog wasn’t used to such cold in Oman and it’s shivering here in Saudi. 😀 As the title suggests this blog is dedicated to all of X’s problems. This grand list is prepared by me and X is actually my sister Z but shes doesn’t want anyone to know, so that’s the reason for the anonymity. I expect X to roll her eyes here. 😀

1 – ‘Your’ earrings belong to me by virtue of me wearing them for so many years that I thought they were mine.

2 – That you don’t understand ‘private income’.

3 – That you do a bad imitation of M imitating S.

4 – That you deny my made up stories of your school life.

5 – Your phrase – “Radu ghallakha”. Whatever do you imply by that?!?!?!

6 – That you remove and scribble upon m&m wrappers.

I suppose this is enough for you to contemplate upon your behavior for some time. I demand an improvement.