‘Tis the season for lists, so without further ado.

Reasons why Saudi Holiday (which is nearing it’s end since I’ll be leaving to Oman soon inshaAllah) was good fun (read: faaaantasatic), alhumdulillah;

(1) Got to try my hand at different hairstyles for my sister’s farewell until we found THE one 😀 You looked like a preeensaays, mashaAllah!

(2) Realized it is fun listening to Z do the accent, notwithstanding my own pronounced lack of skill in that quarter.

(3) Got half a dozen babysitters to babysit Asma while I whiled the time away (or studied (I do not imply that is the same thing)).

(4) Influenced Z to buy Pride and Prejudice (I do not see what this one is doing on the list, but I have already typed it).

(5) Got appropriately over-excited at daughter’s first steps. 😀 Alhumdulillah!

(6) Got to eat Mummy’s Meals :), Herfy, and Noora shawarma.

(7) Fell in love with S’s bedroom view, which to be honest, is not overly grandiose what with all the stubby buildings as far as you can see; however, there is something so endearing about the vastness and the faint line of blue on the horizon that makes you want to fill your lungs with freedom and ocean air!

(8) Had fun eat-togethers at maushi’s place.

(9) Got my teeth cleaned at the dentists. This wasn’t especially fun but now my teeth feel great, alhumdulillah, so there!

And so on and so forth. There are about 2 weeks still left and inshaAllah they will contain therein an Umrah, so the next few days look promising too. 🙂