Today is a nice day, alhumdulillah! I’m finally getting the Oman feel, things to be done are coming into order, and if that wasn’t enough, my governess hair bun is sitting pretty on the back of my head today. Having a neat hair day is very satisfying, if you know what I mean. In other news, I’m on a hunt for bookstores here; I know of only one and that too has a very limited stock of books. Sometimes I miss my school library and that smell of a thousand books nestled on the shelves! It isn’t a very grand sort of a place, and if you’ve been to many libraries this one probably won’t even count but it’s the library I grew up in and I’ll always love it.

Okay,  moving on.

Why do people get so annoyed at what they perceive to be intolerable grammar (or pronunciations) coming from other people? Now, I’m not getting defensive here about the many mistakes I have undoubtedly made throughout this entire blog but I just find it so mind boggling that something so trivial makes one so angry or worse that it is made into a tool to feel so cut above ‘the general masses’. Now I don’t  mean the habit people have of deliberately misspelling words into ‘chat language’; that, I find irritating too. I just feel that it isn’t so inconceivable that a person may not have come across a certain word before, and they don’t pronounce it right. Well, so what?! Maybe you should make a youtube video of yourself reading out the English dictionary if it bothers you so much. I would have gone on but this paragraph looks big enough and you get my point anyway. 😀