Let me see how much I can get typed when there is just a trickle of juice left in my laptop before it shuts down. Orange lights make any room seem nicer somehow but for general use, they’re really horrible. Especially when they are coming from chandeliers which throw nasty, eye-hurting, shadows everywhere and you’re having dry eyes and want to give them some ease. Also, there is a coupon for a free burger from Burger King lying here but it doesn’t excite me. 😀 Hehe, the one proper memory I have of Burger King is of a birthday party of a friend which was hosted in an outlet when we were kids. I remember there was a jumping castle outside. Also, we generally went to a Mcdonalds over a Burger King so really, I couldn’t have any other memory of Burger King anyway. Also without counting today and the fourth there are just 4 days for my husband to come back. And tomorrow there’s going to be a lecture somewhere and then there will be preparations for guests to be made and then woohoo! InshaAllah! 😀