Hello earthling!

How do you do today? Would you like some rice with that sambar? Aloo palak? Lassi? I think today’s blog will theme heavily on BhawarTalk, if you know what I mean. In hindsight, you actually won’t know what I mean unless you come from the same community I come from because we speak a dialect not spoken by many (though quite a few ppl can understand it by virtue of it being so similar to dialects of adjacent areas) and we’re very elitist about it too, so there. I won’t tell you what bhawar means. I’ll type it instead : stupid. That’s a lot of words to just say my blog is going to be stupid today. :l Also rather redundant since I have a vague memory of typing something very similar about our dialect in an early post on this blog.

My baby wants to sleep on my laptop and is trying to charm me with toothy grins. Hehe.

Well things are going on as usual. These past few days I have been cooking more though. My older sister tells me all these great recipes and whenever I get the opportunity I try some out. Other than that, inshaAllah we have a trip to India planned right after Ramadan and then again, later this year for my brother’s wedding, bi ithnillah. Also a trip to Dubai before Ramadan but that is still tentative and nothing definite has been decided yet. Then Ramadan is just a little more than 2 months away and I have some fasts pending. Hoping to make them up inshaAllah before Ramadan arrives. And summer has come to Muscat and by the looks of it, it seems it’s going to be a hot one. :l

There is a post on this blog I password-protected and now I have forgotten the password and can’t read it. 😀

A large part of my days now goes in moving dustbins away from my daughter and cleaning up chaos and picking up toys. 😀 All praise is for my Rabb who granted me this little Asmu!

Okay bye!