Today my charming husband decided it was about time we all went on a family picnic of sorts. Soon after Asr we packed ourselves into the car and drove and drove and drove along winding roads cutting through and climbing up mountains. Then we drove and drove and drove some more through tiny villages, laughing about the only barber, the only tailor and the only shawarma shop we could spot. 😀 Then we drove and drove and drove even more, gaping at the marriage procession, trying to guess who the groom was, pointing at all the hairy mountain goats and exclaiming when we were given glances of the open sea from between the peaks.

We finally reached the beach and I happily skipped out of the car and proceeded to skip across the sand to the water but the sand was too loose and the water much too far. So we trudged along, with our feet burying into the sand and the sand filling our boots and a giant bee flying so close it procured a few screams out of me. We stood by the water and breathed in the sea-air and felt the sun shine for a grand total of 3 minutes before we raced back to the car to drive, drive and drive some more back home. 😀 You might wonder why we drove so much and didn’t even soak our feet in the water but the road was too long with no streetlights and we wanted to get back before dark. Also, I was probably the only one who wanted to get my feet 😀 In spite of that, it was a fun ride to and from the beach and alhumdulillah for that. On our way back we caught a sight of a slight breeze rippling the surface of a lake, it felt so calm and beautiful, subhanAllah. 


Asma is awake. 

Not that she’s fussing, alhumdulillah.