Well my husband caught up on my blog and insisted on me writing more and since I always wanted to have an S Post, I figured now is as good a time as any. Hehehe, how do you like reading ’bout yerself? 😀

Dear S, 

You, dear sir, are the best of all my friends and also the tallest. You know that Allah has made you dear to me since I keep yapping about it to you anyway (in hopes of a 100 rial husband voucher at a bookstore 😉 so I’ll just give you gigantinormous internet high-five for being such a charmer (haha!) and for making me look like I’ve landed from Lilliput when I stand next to you. 😀 

May Allah reward you and increase you in goodness and may He bless you with good company always! Allahumma ameen!