Honestly, it’s astonishing to realize that we’re already on the 22nd night of Ramadan. SubhanAllah this has been one quick, busy Ramadan. And a tragic one too, what with all the bloodshed in Palestine. May Allah bring swift victory to His slaves and ease their suffering. 😦


Today many of my school batch-mates graduated with engineering degrees and it’s amazing to realize while you’re reading through their happy announcements on social media that we’ve come so far. These are girls you grew up with right from kindergarten through your awkward teens and already life has taken so many different courses for us. And inevitably we have changed, maybe not changed as friends who meet each other after years like you’re fondly embracing your cozy childhood but changed in how we react to things and what we want out of life. Or about how we see ourselves today. Or when we read an opinion from someone we know and realize we do not think in like manner anymore. Or when reading from someone you’d always thought to be different from you, realize that these thoughts are just like yours.


I suppose this is abrupt but it can’t be helped. M, I know these past couple of years both of us have been so busy with our own lives and have barely kept in touch,but know that I truly still thank Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala for granting me a friend like you who has been genuinely happy about my happiness and who has supported me and has never once made me feel like I cannot talk to you about how I feel about fulaanun fulaan issue or what have you. 😀

Alright, I would continue but it’s getting late as it is and I need to get on.

So make your own conclusions readers and try to make it rhyme. 😀

May Allah grant us righteousness and courage and bless us abundantly these last few days of Ramadan.