To put things in its proper chronology, I had intended to write this post soon after my visit to India but had to give exams on my return and then my parents and brother-sister fantaas duo came down for a visit and we got busy having fun in general (hehehe, alhumdulillah) and so this post remained unwritten until now.

Well, sometime during my visit in India the realization struck me that most, if not all the people I meet are, to different extents, grumbling. Grumbling about big things and small, grumbling about short things and tall, grumbling about things thin and fat, as they stand and as they squat. 😀 All in all, it is rather unpleasant to realize that everyone keeps grumbling and that only adds to you grumbling if you weren’t already. Where are all the happy people? Where are the open smiles and sighs of contentment and whispers of alhumdulillah. Why are people so bent on being unhappy? The scarce happy people I did meet were like breaths of fresh air. And alhumdulillah for them, and for all the other happy people in my life. Maybe it’s because we seek perfection in us and in our relationships and in our lives in general and get frustrated when things don’t go as we planned. But that’s ridiculous considering this is not jannatul firdous.:D (May Allah grant us all Jannatul firdous:) May Allah grant us contentment in what He has blessed us with and make us grateful to Him.

“Look at those below you (less fortunate than you), and don’t look at those above you, for this is better.” [Muslim]

Ok I promised S I will post in one minute so I will stop here.