This post is posted for reminiscing purposes.

My parents, and one of my three brothers and one of my two sisters had flown out to Oman soon after we returned from India some weeks ago and alhumdulillah, it was so good to have them home. I was so excited I threw a water bottle in the air (by accident) and made a nice cool puddle for them to step into, right after they arrived. :E Asma loved the company (and attention) and happily roamed around the house untroubled by toddler woes. Our sight-showing skills were soon put to test though when we tried going to the enclave/village/beach place but realized too late that we had started too late and we had to turn back halfway before it got too dark. Then we tried the other beach where they used to have boats for a ride but they’re building a resort there and the roads are blocked so we had to make do with the detour signs and the dry mountains which made my sister parched :E

We did however reach the Sink Hole, much to the delight of the tiny fishes who feasted on my husband’s and father’s feet. They were quite the spectacle, laughing at their tickling feet, proud of the entire schools their feet had drawn to themselves. The water was refreshing and we watched the antics of a halfhearted dare-devil before making our way across the rough rocks and up the staircase, originally built for Saad Squared. And by the time we panted our way up again, we felt the summer sun sweating down upon us in all its afternoon glory.

The other events are forever etched in my sisters heart so I don’t need any records to remember.


Also, this time in India, one of my cousin sisters remembered I love pomegranate and sneaked into the kitchen and got me a big bowl of picked fruit while we were all talking. Alhumdulillah for such kind gestures. 🙂

That’s all to reminisce for  now.