AssalamAlaikum wrwb

Well, my exams are done and winter has set in. Depending on which part of the world you belong to, you might find the cold trifling or too much to bear. One might have thought that all those years in Saudi would have toughened me up for the winters here but they evidently haven’t. In spite of freezing fingers and toes though, I have come up with the brilliant idea of having a beach-side picnic after prayers tomorrow inshaAllah.


Next Day:

Alhumdulillah it was very relaxing. Asma got bored during the khutbah and tried to get us to leave but with a little ingenious thinking on my part (read:handing out my phone), she stayed put till the end. Alhumdulillah it feels so peaceful to sit in a mosque. The one we went to today had rather nondescript architecture with some nice woodwork looking down on the men’s section and it reminded me of the neighbourhood mosque near our old house in Saudi. It’s the mosque we went to every Ramadan for tarawi and the memory brought on such fondness and a longing for one of those Ramadan nights where I’d hurry up the steps leading to the ladies section with my mother, panting a little as we breathed in the woody smell of the oud and paced over the maroon carpet to the front rows.

Well, we went to the beach, found a quiet spot, which wasn’t much of a task since there was hardly a crowd and families were only slowly just arriving with their barbecue stands. I’d got along some colouring pages and crayons for Asma’s first try at colouring. From how she ended up finding alternate uses to the crayons, rolling them under her palms and explaining she was making poli, I’ve come to the conclusion that Asma may not find colouring to be her favourite activity. However I will not lose hope of finding a colouring partner in her as yet. This was, after all, her first try.

Just before we left, I took a solitary walk down the beach and looking at the waters in front and the long shoreline on either side, I couldn’t help but feel like a very insignificant being. One can’t help but think that there must be a gajiilion people walking down beaches at this very moment with their own buckets of dreams and emotions and problems and though its easy to tell yourself that you’re different with your bucket, the truth can be so jarringly evident once you realize that you’re identical to a gajillion people in so many different ways. And yet Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has given me happiness in all the right moments in a gajillion and more ways that are peculiar to me. In spite of all those people out there and me being one of so many, it is comforting to know that Allah knows about my bucket. And even in the realization that there are so many similar to us, Allah has placed comfort in the thought that we are not alone.

Ya Allah bless us with goodness and grant us good things in this world and the Hereafter and make us from among Your grateful slaves!

P.S. S Ji, you’re the best and sweetest (today :P) and HIGH FIVE! May Allah love you!