The past few days have witnessed me slowly turning into a grumpy old pendulum, swinging from mood to mood; being ungrateful and miserable on the whole. The S Sisters came to the rescue when my older sister reminded me of this thing we had done some years ago where we’d write all the things we wished to do and then after a time, look up how many Allah has blessed us with; that way, we have tangible evidence to show the grouch within that it’s just being a drama queen. I don’t have my original list but I remember now, writing it at 17, how fantastic and improbable it was 😀 My sister’s was saner and sure enough, hers was ticked off (as in completed and not annoyed) within a year, mashaAllah 🙂

Well, S basically told me that its time to  make another list, so here it is:

  • Visit the museum (I love museums and there is a very quaint looking one quite nearby but I haven’t been to it yet)
  • Complete reading the biography of Uthman ibn Affan (I’ve been reading it for a year now and haven’t got close to finishing.)
  • Complete memorizing Juz Amma
  • Visit Jabel Akhdar
  • Fast all my missed fasts
  • Visit a proper zoo
  • Learn astronomy and seize every opportunity to gaze at the stars
  • Do crafts with Asma
  • Visit Salalah during the monsoon
  • Just sit and contemplate
  • Soak some sunshine
  • Spread more salaam
  • Eat five chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches from Hardees (Not all at once)
  • Make a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich
  • Do one of those by-the-beach lunch picnics again

There. That sounds good enough. 🙂

May Allah make me grateful for all that He has blessed me with and grant me and you contentment and sakinah!