Assalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear people!

How do you do? I do moderately well, alhumdulillah. I’ve been avoiding the blog lately because I’ve been feeling a little sick at times and at others, uninspired. So, S has a China trip coming up soon and as soon as he got his tickets booked, I brilliantly worked myself into a pretty pre-S-withdrawal dread and am now counting the days till he’s gone, so I can savour the over-exaggerated anxiety I feel when he’s gone as I count the days till he’ll be back inshaAllah. This really is one of my most frustrating habits and every time he has to go away for a short spell, I convince myself into a state where I imagine myself constantly battling worry,  or loneliness, or consuming boredom. It’s ridiculous and owes a lot to a wild imagination because I am not alone and  have a bajillion things to do to keep me busy! So this time around, inshaAllah I’m going to bring a change in attitude. Since the new semester of IOU has just begun, I will have coursework to complete and since its just the beginning I have fresh enthusiasm to keep me going. Then there are the morning and evening adhkar and the du’aa for anxiety that I’m coaxing into my routine and the feeling of serenity you get is really amazing. Honestly, the morning and evening adhkar are such a blessing and I pray that Allah makes it easy for me to always have it in my daily routine and that He blesses my day through it.

Here’s a link if you’re looking to find these adhkar on the inter-webs.

That is all! I will, inshaAllah, post about how my week goes when it comes 😀