Assalamalaikum In a few months from now, inshaAllah, I will have been married for four years and it is startling to realize that. Though the schoolgirl part of my life doesn’t seem so long ago in my head, I discern a feeling of finality about that particular period being done with and put away. May Allah place barakah in our time and make our lives rich in goodness in every part and forgive us our shortcomings. This blog began at the transition stage and it is evident from the evolution in the writing that I am slowly turning into an aunty. *horror of horrors!* Some little time ago I would have described myself as a beginner in the field of aunty-ing but now it has only become too clear from the apparent ease with which tweens and teens call me Hafsa aunty that they feel no pricks of conscience when they address me with such imposing titles. It is true that some of them have often been made aware of the not so great disparity in our ages by their mothers but the blow has been given. And, what with my fourth wedding anniversary coming up and girls still studying in seventh grade, the gulf between our ages grows wider, pushing me most uncouthly into the Bay of Aunty. 😀 In times such as these, I comfort myself with the thought that S ji will always be more of an uncle than me and then things start looking young and rosy again. The end. If you thought this post was about to be a serious bit of thinking, then trust me, I was fooled too. SubhanAllah, the turns that life takes! 😀