Once upon my childhood, I was a biter. Unwitting siblings would only too often cross the threshold from the usual teasing to, what was evidently in my opinion, unbearable insinuations against my 5 year old* intellect/strength; and with a blind, uncontrollable rage I would unleash my jaws onto the offender’s arm/leg/face. That taught them not to mess with the lion cub. I think my heart still remembers the consequent shunning from the civilized society of my brethren and sistren. đŸ˜€

So today when Asma bit her cousin again after he had been refusing to share what he was building, I recognized that helpless, angry frustration before she became the lion cub’s cub and bit out her anger. Her lashing out was much milder than what  I remember mine used to be and there was also the comforting fact that she is much younger than I was in my biting phase. Then again it has been a good many years since I have felt the anger that urged me to bite my siblings into yelping submission so I suppose we do grow out of it. đŸ˜€

May Allah ease our tempers and bless us with patience and guide us and our children to the best of manners. Ameen!

* I am only supposing I was five and I really do not remember except that I wasn’t too small nor such a big child either.