Have you ever realized how you can sometimes catch a reader amongst a group of people. Maybe it is their humour or how they listen or how they give opinions that is the tell-tale sign but a good reader is fairly easy to spot; like Asma, who is an excellent reader of the letter A and informs all fellow passengers of the fact as she shrieks out every A on passing signboards and billboards and shop boards and license boards during drives. 😀 This fairly obvious fact has been noted before , but it makes for a good blog post so I’ll say it too: I’ve always felt a reader of good, insightful books will make for a more considerate, compassionate person. Sometimes you see such blatant cues of anger, or hurt, or embarrassment not being registered by people and it always makes me wonder about the wonders reading could do for a person for whom it is not natural to empathize. How many instances have passed when unsuspecting plebeians have not bought me that oh-so-moist looking chocolate cake based on the arch of my eyebrow or the ruffling of my sleeves. 😀

Or it might all be nonsense on my part, and my predilection for reading is biasing me against everyone, in which case, just buy everyone moist-looking chocolate cakes.

The end.