I am waiting for my parents to fly in to Oman. I am waiting to get some furniture rearrangement done. I am waiting for the crayon marks to lighten as I scrub them off the walls. I am waiting for the rugs to dry so I can put them back in place. I am waiting for September to end and October to start. I am waiting for the milk to heat up for Asma so I can go lie down again. I am waiting for Saad ji to get some pizza and waiting for me to stop feeling too full to have a second bite. I am waiting for the house-help to come so I can tell him to sweep under that table and behind that door. I am waiting for people to push heavy things and bend and clean as the third trimester nesting instincts rush in full force. I don’t think they appreciate my impatience and meticulousness with regards their work. 😀

And I am waiting for the realization when that familiar pain will mean, “It’s time now!” and Asmu the Laddoo becomes a big sister, inshaAllah!

May Allah grant us righteous offspring and may He prefect their characters!