This post is long overdue and in spite of several prompts from the Ssister, I found it so taxing to get myself to sit and type; partly because I was so hard-pressed for time enough to relax and blog and partly because it felt so overwhelming, at this stage personally, to find something to write about that will interest someone outside of my little home universe. Subsequently I thought about my audience (S and Z) and realized I was worrying about pleasing an audience type that doesn’t exist around here. :E

So without further preambling, I introduce to you, Ali! Those who have seen him have seen him and those who have not, have not. 😀 He’s a little more than a month old now alhumdulillah and as soon as he was born I was struck with how little I remember of Asma’s new born days. I think back and can recall the baths, the feeds and things we’d done together but I don’t remember looking down into bright, baby eyes and holding tiny, heartwarming little hands and the pouts and how you feel when your little pumpkin is nestled so peacefully in your arms that you are washed over with calming gratefulness. Alhumdulillah for such gigantinormous blessings! So I’m typing this down to remember when I forget; how two year old Asma is so curious, and talkative and how she loves playing with poli peet and especially for me, how abruptly she’s grown into a big girl. To remember that she is still my tiny laddoo when I become impatient with her two year old-isms. To remember that these days are busy, and sometimes, frazzled days but it’s okay considering it takes such a short while to forget them.

May Allah grant my children righteousness and beautiful characters and manners and good hearts and good health and may He protect them from every kind of harm. Ameen!