There’s something about walking that I have always thoroughly enjoyed; walking briskly through the drizzle, skipping over the cracks in the pavement as we clambered onto wet taxis while shopping in Mumbai, or  walking around our drab school grounds, ‘chatting like grandmas’ with friends, and now, strolling through parks, pushing a stroller and a chatter box 4 year old in tow 😀 There’s something about walking, especially in quiet places, that brings out your pensive mood and starts off a whole station’s worth of trains of thought. This love of walking probably grew out of all those Ladies Market strolls we used to go with Ammi. Those walks, however, were not stimuli to pensive thoughts; teenage ansgt was the most pervading emotion then, but all that meandering through those lanes did lead on to a love for the exercise.


The other day we were at a McDonalds when the lady behind the counter had to tell S that the ‘blue’ balloon he was pointing to was, in fact, purple. :l Also, while we were getting to the car in the parking lot in front of our house, what do i see? A ridiculous concert (of sorts) in the middle of the street; large crowds of people filming a man onstage who was singing and trying to get them to sing with him. Their reaction was mildness personified. Is it possible to completely disapprove of someone doing something and still feel sorry for them? It is. :E


Notes to self: Why be apprehensive when you can be hopeful? It will get past. Act in a way that will please Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala and things will fall in place so astoundingly that you’ll be wondering why on earth you were apprehensive instead of hopeful in the first place.