These days we have started a new tradition of sorts in our household. Some mornings after dropping Asma off at school, S drives us to the Corniche and Ali and I walk on the grassy turf while Ali, with such enthusiasm felt only by children, excitedly points at the hopping crows or the water spouting from the sprinklers. Excepting the few men tending to the grass in the distance, we are the only people sitting on the benches above the blue, blue sea, surrounded by the kind, old mountains behind us and in feeling the heat of the morning sun and listening to the quiet in the clear chirping of the birds, even as the cars whir past behind us-I feel so happy. =) Alhumdulillah. It requires a lot of buttering of husband but I pray it is a tradition that sticks awhile. Other days we just drive around and have cups of tea or eat south indian breakfast, complete with filter coffee and S much prefers this latter sort of tradition more. 😀

Well, then we get back into the car and drive back home to start laundry cycles, prep lunch, vacuum, dust, fold, read, feed, mop, and you know the drill. 😀

The end