About Me

Assalam Alaykum

This is the blog of one Hafsa who writes about everyday things, things-you-might-find-in-the-pretty-box-in-her-ersatz-attic, things she comes across on the great big internet, things that inspire her and oftentimes just random nonsensical things. =) I  like reading thick, brown books with timber smelling pages and black tea and walking.

A middle child, I’m a reckless driver (not) and a big admirer of the Arabic language. Married to Monsieur S, alhumdulillah who is not a reckless driver (’tis true) 😀

Also, I’m currently a student of the Islamic Online University.

I like writing which is why I started this blog, hoping to grow as a writer and also so that there can be chuckles at my documented silliness years later. =)


Update: This is the blog of one Hafsa…blah blah…Mamma to Asma. 😀

Update 2: And to Ali 😀 Alhumdulillah!